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The art produced by Isabelle Jacq Gamboena celebrates the sensuality, strength and splendour of the Flamenco and the Andalusian culture.
Painter, Isabelle JACQ-GAMBOENA possesses an intense pictorial artistic journey, of travel, meetings, and a deep connection with the world of Flamenco. Of Spanish origin, Isabelle Jacq practiced from an early age how to draw and paint, she also began to dance.  After spending a few years in Northern Africa, Isabelle moved to Paris to train at the École National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, where she obtained a Diploma. As she practiced Flamenco dance she gained knowledge that helped her pictorial art. Painter of Flamenco, its’ music, songs and dance are her principle sources of inspiration. On the surface of the canvas, the colours spread, extending its branches in the forms evoking the world of Flamenco. The excavated materials, superimposed, bonded or torn consist of several materials. She gives birth to a world in which the sound vibrations from Flamenco become a colourful reality mixing with the lines of dancing bodies or faces.  Floral motifs, reliefs and rhythmic arabesques punctuate the pictorial surface, creating an Arab-Andalusian atmosphere.
As a portraitist, Isabelle loves to translate the expressions of guitarists, dancers or singers transformed by the fire of duende.  Regular stays in Andalusia led her to meet many artists from this universe. Certainly, the Andalusian culture permeates her life as well as her paintings done with oriental pigments.

*translation Logan Morwick Miller

 ©Isabelle JACQ- GAMBOENA - 2017